Luz de Riada (Flood’s light), fusion contemporary music band (jazz-rock-folk) founded in july 2010 by Ramses Luna , multi-instrumentalist musician, former member of Cabezas de Cera (Wax Heads - 1997-2011) and since 2013, creator and musical director of Experimental Music Orchestra Taller from Autonomous University of Ciudad de Mexico.

Currently,the band is comprised by two experienced musicians with outstanding career, as bass player Alonso Arreola (Arreola + Carballo, Monocordio and 3Below with Trey Gunn and Michael Manring) y Ramses Luna (Cabezas de Cera and Pascal Gutman Trio), the other members of LdR is conformed by young talented musicians, drummer Abraham Velasco and Emmanuel Pina multi-instrumentalist too

With 7 years of professional experience, LdR has three cd releases called ‘’Tales and Fables, Vol. I, II and III’’, issued in 2011,2013 and 2016 respectively.    The band has performed in various concert halls and festivals throughout Mexico, USA, Chile and Argentina, such as CENART’S Blas Galindo Concert Hall (Mexico City), Zocalo (Mexico City), Esperanza Iris City Hall (Mexico City), ICBC’s Amphitheatre (Tijuana), Festival of the Desert (Real de Catorce, S.L.P.), 5th of May International Festival (Puebla), Aguascalientes 439th Anniversary Cultural Festival (Aguascalientes). In 2014, as a IBERMUSICAS’s grant holder presents some shows in Chile and Argentina’s Mexican Embassy (Mexico’s Independence Day). LdR offered some shows in 2016 in USA at Kennedy Center (Washington D.C.), Orion Studios (Baltimore), XXII ProgDay Festival (North Carolina) and University of Columbia’s Concert Hall (Chicago).


Artistic Activities

In mid-June 2016, supported by AICAACIA A.C. Luz de Riada releases its third album "Tales and Fables vol. 3"  and offered some concerts in the United States of America in important venues such as the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Washington DC), ORION STUDIOS (Baltimore), Rockxy & Dukes (New Jersey), Harding House (Chicago), and the XXII Festival PROGDAY (North Carolina) and at the end of the year in Mexico City, Mexicali, Tijuana, Monterrey and Aguascalientes. Continuing in the southern summer of 2017, LdR settled in Santiago de Chile for its activities, giving concerts in the port of Valparaíso and Quilpué.

In 2014, as a fellow of IBERMUSICAS, under the program Promotion of Ibero-American Music, recieved support for mobility to the realization of its South American Tour in Chile and Argentina, incluiding didactic concerts in schools and auditoriums like the Lord Chocrane Theater (Valdivia) or the Valverde Municipal Theater (Quilpué), concluding the tour at the Embassy of Mexico in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the celebration of the 201nd Anniversary of Independence of Mexico.

Invited by the director Edson Jair, LdR created the soundtrack of the short film ‘’Mixteco Now’’, by which was awarded as the ‘’Best Soundtrack’’ in Brazilian Film Festival ‘’Luz de Cinema Latino-Americano’’ in november 2014.

MoonJune Records, New York’s label, selected the track "COMPARSA DE CRONOPIOS" from LdR’s first album for the compilation RECOMMENDS Vol.II where are included musical proposals from UK, USA, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Brazil, Norway, Israel, Chile, Switzerland and Austria.

With over seven years of professional career, Luz de Riada has three cd releases, has participated in festivals and concert series, sharing a poster with Mexican musicians as well as International bands, such as Univers Zero (Belgium), Remi Álvarez (Mexico), The Crimson Project (USA), Arreola + Carballo, German Bringas, Eddie Jobson (England), Juan Pablo Villa, New Trolls (Italy), La Perra, Krachmacher (Sweden), Descartes a Kant, Steve Hackett (England), Jorge Campos (Chile), Tryo (Chile), A Love Electric, Real de Catorce, Luis Pérez, Decibel, Mr. González, Lira'n Roll, Felipe Souza, Deux Ex Machina (Italy), Mal' Akh, Bent Knee (USA), Mon Laferte (Chile), Akinetón Retard (Chile), Arlette Jequier & Group (Chile).


International Activity

-Concert Hall, University of Columbia, Chicago, IL. USA. (April 2017)
- 5º Festival de Jazz de Quilpué ‘’Rengifo Bacelli’’, Quilpué, Chile (February 2017)
- Harding House, Chicago, IL., USA ( August 2016)
- Roxy & Duks, New Jersey. USA (August 2016)
- Orion Studios, Baltimore, Ma., USA, (August 2016)
- John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington D.C., USA, (September 2016)
- XXII Progday International Progressive Rock Festival, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, (September 2016)
- XIV Jornadas de Fusión y Jazz de Valdivia, Chile, (September 2014)
- Teatro Lord Cochrane, Valdivia, Chile, (September 2014)
- Teatro Velarde, Quilpué, Chile, (Septiembre 2014)
- "Musicámara", Radio Valentín Letelier de la Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile, (September 2014)
- La Piedra Feliz, Valparaíso, Chile, (September 2014)
- 201 Aniversario de independencia de México, Embajada de México, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (September 2014)
- Rádio Rueda, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (September 2014)
- Bunker Paseo de la Resistencia, Colectivo de Artesanos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (September 2014)


Activity in Mexico


- Sala Blas Galindo, Centro Nacional de las Artes, CDMX
- Zinco Jazz del Bajo centro, CDMX
- Foro del Tejedor, CDMX
- Radio Educación, concierto con transmisión en vivo, CDMX



- Concierto Anfiteatro del ICBC Tijuana, Baja California. 
- FONOTECA Nacional de México, CDMX
- Centro Cultural La Puga, Aguascalientes, Ags. 
- Fonoteca Centro Nacional de las Artes, CDMX.



- Concierto Aniversarios 35 del Tiangüis Cultural del Chopo y 40 años del Museo Universitario del Chopo. 
- Viernes de Arte en Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Auditorio Alejo Peralta. 
- Festival Internacional 5 de Mayo, Puebla, Puebla.



- Festival Cultural de Aguascalientes 439 Aniversario de su Fundación.
- Festival Primavera Jazz, Fundación Sebastián Ciudad de México. 
- Auditorio Esperanza Cabrera, UAQ.  Querétaro, Qro. 
- Festival del Desierto, Real de Catorce, San Luis PotosÍ.



- Festival Internacional de Rock Progresivo, Teatro de la Ciudad, CDMX 
- Festival Internacional BajaProg, Mexicali Baja California.
- Fète de la Musique 2013, Teatro Ángela Peralta, CDMX.
- Simposium Internacional del Cuerpo en el Arte Academia de San Carlos. CDMX
- Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares presentación del disco “Cuentos y Fábulas” CDMX
- 5o Circuito de Festivales Ciudad de México con presentaciones en el Foro Ana María Hernández y Centro Cultural Carranza. CDMX



- Casa del Lago, bosque de Chapultepec. CDMX. 
- Festival Progresión, Multiforo Tlalpan. CDMX.
- 7° FestivAlterNativo, Querétaro, Qro. 


Didactic presentations

- XIV Jornadas de Fusión y Jazz de Valdivia, Chile. (Sept. 2014).

- UACM, plantel Tezonco,CDMX  (Ago. 2013).

- UNAM, ENEPl Aragón.CDMX  (Julio 2014).

- UNAM postgrado campus Morelos, Edo. de Mex. (Abr. 2014)

- Megaofrenda de Ciudad Universitaria, UNAM, D.F. (Nov. 2013)

- UACM Plantel del Valle, D.F. (Nov. 2013).