Audio Design

Self-Taught Audio Pro, since his rock music preference, in 1978 he starts to learn about electronics and enter in music concerts field.

In 1981, he began to sound to the Coatlicue band at well-known venues as underground places in Mexico city and some other cities. By 1985, he becomes the audio engineer of Rodrigo Gonzalez y el Grupo  Qual, in this way gets great experience in small venues, theaters and open-air concerts.

A new phase begins when he makes field recording for Pentagrama Records since 1991 but in Estudios Metztli gets the audio engineer job in 1993,   being very requested by various artist to sound well-known auditoriums and open-air concerts in Mexico and some Canada.

At the end of 1999, opens his own recording studio ‘’EAR Audio’’, where many artists and diverse musical styles have been recorded.

Since 1998 become a member of Cabezas de Cera as Audio Engineer, Sound designer and Producer, going on tour in Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, South Korea, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, India, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile and other countries.

He has been member of Luz de Riada since band was founded and promoter of new projects as ‘’Deuol’’ and ‘’Barcos de Papel’’, besides of his audio and recording engineer activities.