Aaron Geller
(Electric guitar)
Beltsville, MD 1979

Aaron has been working as a professional guitar playerbased in the Washington D.C. area since 2003. In that year, he began teaching as an independent music teacher and in music programs including a summer

music camp run by of the National Guitar Workshop, which he eventually became the director of (2008). In 2003, he also joined the band, Might Could, who has released four albums to date and played shows and

festivals in Quebec, France and Germany cities, and cities throughout USA and Mexico. He consistently performs in national touring band, Funk Ark, and also works with Chicago-based bands/artists, Sonus Umbra, Brittany Lee Moffitt, and Fractales. He has also worked

as a session artist at Record Arts Studio, recording for DC musicians, Margot MacDonald, Joe Peck, and Tina Lundelius, among others. Additionally, he regularly plays at weddings and social functions with other prominent musicians in the Washington D.C. area such

as, Greg Loman, Thomas Murphy, and Donald Wolcott.