Luis Nasser
(Bass guitar)

Original member and founder of progressive rock band Sonus Umbra, formed in Mexico city back in 1993 and currently established in Chicago. After moving to the American East Coast in 1995, he has released 6 albums with Sonus Umbra, touring across the USA, Canada and Mexico:

Laughter in the Dark (1998); Snapshots From Limbo (2000); Spiritual Vertigo (2003); Digging For Zeros (2005); Winter Soulstice (2013); Beyond the Panopticon (2015). From 2003 to the present he has been bassist with instrumental acoustic guitar quartet Might Could, performing with them in festivals, clubs, house parties, theaters and beer halls alike in the USA, Canada, France and Germany. Might Could has released 4 critically acclaimed albums: All Intertwined (2005), Wood Knot (2008), Relics From the Wasteland (2013), and The NESFAN Trilogy (2015). From 1997 to 2005 he was bassist with Baltimore Progressive Metal band Kurgan's Bane, releasing 3 albums: Seach from Sea to Sea (1998), The Future Lies Broken (2000) and Camouflaged in static (2005). He also continues  to record with Pete Laramee, appearing on Alone but Not Lonely (2002), Childhood Memories (2008), Seven String Cinematoid (2011) and Chin Music (2016). He has also served as bassist in Jethro Tull tribute band Silver Pipe (2008-2011), Kevin Gilbert Tribute Band The Champions   of Nothing (2008 -2012), and continues to play with ELP tribute Fanfare (2011 to present). He has also performed with both local Chicago/ Midwest as well as international artists, including: Phideaux, Nick D'Virgilio, Brittany Lee Moffitt, Origin of Animal, Gunnel Pumpers, Brian Harris, Johnny Unicorn, Izolda, Uncle Gut, Dysfunktional Family and the Laramee Brute Squad. In 2016 he joined Luz de Riada, starting a new chapter in that band's sonic mission statement.